Exceptional Truck and Trailer Repair Work

Lovell’s Truck and Trailer Repair INC is a family-owned and operated shop that fixes all aspects of your big rig. Our team of expert mechanics and fleet of service vehicles are equipped to address a variety of issues, from engine breakdowns to flat tires.

Trusted by Truckers in Iowa and Florida

We operate shops in Riviera Beach, Florida Mobile Repair and Waterloo Iowa shop, with the former being our main location. Our business has become the preferred service by rookie and veteran truckers in both states to deal with all types of minor and major problems.

Comprehensive Services

From welding fabrication and computer diagnostics, our shops are capable of a variety of work to completely fix your vehicle and make it road worthy. We only produce components and products from reputable brands to ensure our work is high quality.


Ready to Go Where You Are

Our team travels up to a 150-mile radius of our locations to provide 24/7 roadside services. When you call us for assistance, you can expect to receive a repair service that is on par with our in-location work.

Get Connected

Reach out to us for questions or concerns about our repair and maintenance services. You can also schedule a consultation and get an estimate for your vehicle’s repair work.